Since its founding, EDI Staffing has built a reputation as a leader in IT Staffing for clients in a wide variety of industries. In today's environment, when economic hardships lower your bottom line, Staffing services are critical to getting the job done at a more affordable cost.

EDI Staffing provides a wide range of services and superior IT expertise that will positively impact project deliverables. Although major capital investment in permanent in-house labor may be cost-prohibitive, staffing dramatically reduces both initial and ongoing hiring expenses. By eliminating the need for managers to review r?sum?s, complete time-consuming interviews, or provide on-the-job training you will see substantial increases in productivity and decreases in capital expenditures on labor.

EDI Staffing works for you to identify seasoned IT professionals that are ready to step in and make a difference from day one. Our unique recruiting and technical screening process identifies individuals that are the best in their industry. These processes allow clients to have perfectly matched skills and experience, without the hassles and expense of on-the-job training. All of our recruiters have substantial industry IT experience which allows them to have a better understanding of the skill sets that customers seek.

Some of the positions you will find at EDI-Staffing:

Software and Hardware Engineering
-Real-time Systems
-Internet Connectivity
-Infrastructure Networking
-Database Development and Management
-Business Applications

Technical Services
-Graphic Designers
-Graphic Illustrators
-End-User Support Technicians
-Quality Control/Beta Testing
-Technical Writer