EDI Technology Network Control Center                         

Instant Access to Network Experts
The  EDI Technology Control Center provides you with on-demand access to network experts who can quickly respond to your network questions and get your system up and running NOW. Tech Now

We can resolve most network problems directly from our  EDI Technology control Center through our Remote Control/Remote Fix capabilities. If the condition of your network requires an on-site service call, we will come to your office, rapidly resolve the problem, and restore your network.

Performance Monitoring and Failure Prevention

EDI Technology provides continual monitoring and management of your system. When we detect and error or unusual condition, we instantaneously flag it and see to it that the problem is resolved.

Email and Internet Access

Maintaining dependable email and Internet access is a challenge for many companies today. EDI Technology Networks' Internet Access option provides you with the peace of mind that your users will have an available, reliable, and safe gateway to the World Wide Web 24/7/365.

Virus Protection

Our  EDI Technology Control Center is continually updated with the latest anti-virus definitions. It regularly scans your system to detect any viruses that may have been introduced to it. When a threat is discovered, our control center immediately responds by contacting you and assisting you with its removal.

Backup Monitoring

Routine system backups are the only way to ensure the safety of mission-critical data on your system. Our backup monitoring option will review every backup and ensure that it is complete and error free. There can be no better peace of mind that knowing your essential business records are fully protected from system failures.

Performance and Planning Reporting

On of the best ways to avoid system bottlenecks are to spot them before they occur.   EDI Technology's graphical performance reports will provide you with valuable information about your network's traffic and data flow. These reports are also an essential tool to use in planning the cost-effective growth of your network.

Configuring Change

Your network is subject to constant addition, changes, and deletions to its servers, workstations, and their components. Keeping track of them is a continual challenge for management.  EDI Technology keeps track of these changes and routinely provides reports on the current location of these assets and any changes made to them.

Inventory Management

When you have a large network, it's difficult to maintain a current and accurate inventory of all the system components.  EDI Technology can provide you with a complete and current inventory of all resources on your network whenever it's needed.

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