Proactive Management

With years of experience in infrastructure management, our teams have managed small, medium, and large-scale projects. We are experts in LAN installation, WAN installation, disaster recovery planning, risk assessments, business continuity planning, inventory management, and relocation of your facilities.

Proactive Management requires individuals who have sound technical background, financial understanding, and leadership.  EDI Technology's technical teams have a broad range of knowledge and experience not only in the IT industry but also in the education, financial, government, medical, manufacturing, and transportation industries. This enables our personnel to quickly assemble a team and begin developing and tracking a project's plan of action. That makes  EDI Technology a cutting-edge organization that understands technology's impact on business.

Our services include:
-Design and implementation of local/wide area networks and distributed information systems
-Internet/intranet design and implementation services
-Proactive management of large-scale projects
-Proactive monitoring and trending
-Critical node monitoring

We provide weekly updates through executive style briefing and presentations. After successful project completion and cut-over,  EDI Technology provides training to your staff to support, maintain, and enhance the current or new systems. We can also provide you with a technical staff on a full or part-time basis to ensure that your systems are always in optimal operating condition.