On-Site Contracts

EDI Technology's on-site services include the on-site diagnosis and repair of defective equipment. Standard service options include a measured response and/or restoration time, which is based on equipment criticality and end-user work schedules.  EDI Technology utilizes a service provider network of certified technicians located throughout the United States. The services provided by these technicians range from equipment installation and upgrades, to preventive maintenance and remedial hardware repair.

Installation & De-installation Services

EDI Technology provides the solution to your most challenging problem-the lack of cost-effective, on-demand resources for large or demanding rollout projects. Using our unique service network of skilled technicians,  EDI Technology can respond to your project requirements regardless of skill set, location, platform, manufacturer or industry.

-We provide one point of contact for many points of execution
-Our project teams are professionals experienced in planning and performing rollouts
-Daily online reporting on a site-by-site basis complete with digital site photos keep you up-to-date on project progress
-Project review with metrics validates both ROI and overall rollout success
-Our trained technicians have the appropriate skill sets for your project requirements
-Our extreme service network means rapid deployment to respond to your timeline
-Flat rate, per site or per device pricing prevents cost overruns

EDI Technology's technicians have installed devices including:

-Point-of-Sale equipment
-Self-service kiosks
-IT routers and servers
-Wi-Fi hotspots
-Data/electrical cabling
-Fixtures and signage
-Inventories and site surveys
-Software migrations

Experienced Project Management

Whether you need to install new point-of-sale systems at thousands of convenience stores, upgrade computers and networks at hundreds of financial institutions or construct point-of-purchase displays at remote locations nationwide, we can do it. Our experienced project managers will assemble a qualified team of technicians, field managers, resource managers and project support personnel dedicated to the success of your project. A team that will finish your job on time, per specifications and on budget. With no equipment sales or other hidden agendas, our purpose is clear: we want to implement your rollout in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Your Dedicated Project Team

The Project Manager assembles and directs the team and serves as your one point of contact and accountability for the entire project. The Resource Managers are responsible for day-to-day execution and follow up and are scalable depending on project size. The Information Manager insures that project-specific reporting, documentation and invoicing are handled properly. Independent technicians are selected specifically for your project. Scalability allows team structure to fit the project requirements and timeline.

Dedicated Site Technician

EDI Technology offers a Dedicated Site Technician program where a certified service representative resides at the end-user's location. This service may be full or part-time, and can include on-site parts stocking, end-user training, installations, moves, and other value-added services needed by the customer. The Site Technician program allows the customer to realize a very short response time, in addition to having the full backup support of  EDI Technology's Technical Support staff, knowledgebase, training program and parts stock.

End-of-Life Product Management

Manufacturer's product lifecycles are sometimes shorter than the end-user's requirements. This may be due to asset depreciation cycles, budget limitations, special customer usage, or a new product release. To help both OEM and users resolve this issue, EDI Technology offers an End-of-Life support service. This service includes the stocking of spare units and parts, and providing "best effort" repair services for designated legacy products. This service is normally provided on behalf of OEMs, but may also be provided to end-user customers and service partners.

Warranty Administration Support

Managing equipment warranty cycles can be very cumbersome, and often complicated, when managing a large volume of equipment.  EDI Technology has a Warranty Administrative Support program to help end-users, OEMs and Resellers manage this process. The service includes the tracking and administration associated with managing equipment failures, repairs and reimbursements during the manufacturer's warranty cycle. EDI Technology will maintain records pertaining to warranty processing on behalf of manufacturers, Resellers/VARs, dealer organizations or the end-user customer. This service is very complementary to EDI Technology's Warranty Repair Services.

Service Parts Logistics

EDI Technology's Service Parts Logistics has been designed to fulfill the support needs of our customer's field staff and remote locations. This service includes all activities associated with the management and delivery of spare parts and equipment to the customer's field staff. Responsibilities may consist of the following:  distribution, warehousing, inventory control, delivery and transportation, forecasting, fulfillment and purchasing of spare parts and equipment. These services can be delivered through a  EDI Technology location or at a customer's site. Same day parts availability is only one of several service level options.                                                  Call us today!

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